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Welcome to the home of Haulton Border Collies.We are a small family based kennel in the heart of the Waikato.

In July 2000, we got our first puppy. We named her Chloe and she soon became a huge part of our family. Since then we haven’t been able to get enough of the great joy that border collies bring to our lives. They are such a faithful breed; always there to serve. Borders have a way of knowing just what you expect, whether it’s bringing in the cows, or just being there for you when  you return.

In 2004, we came across an advertisement for chocolate border collie puppies. We were so excited at the thought of owning another border collie that we immediately enquired about the litter. The puppy we bought was Abbie. Until she arrived on the plane from Nelson, none of us had ever seen a chocolate border collie face to face. We had only read about them, or seen them on the Internet.

Abbie’s arrival began our fantastic friendship with Sharon Banks from Kaeanda Border Collies. We have since added two more Kaeanda bred dogs, Lexi and Zoe, to our family.

After Abbie arrived, we started attending basic obedience at our local club. Once she was of age, we decided to have a go at agility and attended our  rst ever agility ribbon trial. That was all it took - just one go. We were immediately hooked!

We now spend most weekends at agility shows and have travelled as far south as Bulls to compete. We all ( humans and dogs) love every minute of it, apart  from the early morning starts! Even our youngest son Kayne, competes at  shows. We have also recently started flygility and Lexi has attained her FD title ( Flygility Dog), in less than 10 months .

Our main goals for our breeding programme are outstanding temperament, health, and versatility. Puppies bred under the Haulton  kennel name are suitable for working, agility, obedience, conformation  and most importantly, as your next best friend.

All our breeding stock are DNA tested for CEA,CL and TNS. Our puppies are raised in a family environment, being carefully socialised with children and other dogs. They are wormed, vet checked, and have their six week vaccinations.

We hope you enjoy our site and come back again soon.

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