We are very lucky to have Zoe. She came to us from a very good friend, bringing with her some things that money can't buy; friendship, loyalty, trust and companionship.

Zoe has a very strong personality with a mischievous streak (as you can see from the photos). You have to be careful where you put your coffee, or somehow she will tip the cup and drink it without spilling a drop or knocking the cup over. You won’t notice until you take a sip, and it’s empty!

Paul does agility with Zoe. She is quick off the mark when she wants to be (which is most of the time –LOL!). She gives anything a go and is a great jumper when she winds up.

In 2013, Zoe was mated to a South Island dog. She stayed with Sharon at Kaeanda  Borders, adjusting well and having the time of her life. When she returned home to have the pups, it was as if she had just been on a great summer vacation. Once the puppies had gone to their new homes,  she was straight back into agility.

Zoe is always full of energy. If you mention words like agility, park, or play, she leaps up and stands at the door, ready. She also knows what cuddle means and snuggles up close when she hears the word. Zoe is the life and soul of the party. Her energy rubs off and keeps you motivated.