TomTom came back to us at a year old because his owners were struggling to give him the huge amount of stimulation he needed. It was wonderful to have placed him  with  people responsible enough to  contact us when they made the hard decision to let him  go. After spending a bit of time with him, I realised he was full of drive and needed a job to keep him  occupied.  

We put his picture on Facebook  saying he needed an AGILITY home.

Before long Daryl and Craig  contacted us. Daryl is very  experienced in agility, and TomTom  took a shine to her straight away!  Here are a few words from Daryl about this amazing boy.                            

I fell for the handsome red boy with the most expressive eyes immediately. I really enjoy  training  TomTom, as he puts 150% into everything I teach him, and loves the games he gets to play as a reward.

Training and competing in agility with my dogs is my passion.  TomTom was ready to compete at 18  months, winning a ribbon at his first event, and within 8 months qualified for the top  grades. He is a cool dog who loves playing with and in water, being  cuddled, and chasing shadows too.

Tom Toms