Star is out of  Splotch (Rocky’s litter sister) by Deal (Ohutu Deal  n Dreamz). As I watched this litter develop, Star’s personality shone through as very loving and tolerant to anything and in any situations!! He now belongs to a lovely  lady who has written these words about  him.

Star is a very attractive dog, with very individual markings.  Wherever we go, he gets lots of  interested comments. Star has a  distinctly “wolfy” look, especially when he wears a toothy grin and his long tongue lolls out the side of his mouth.

He is a fun loving, friendly dog who has fitted into his new family exceptionally well. He lives with two other border collies, Blue and Red, with whom he has a fabulous relationship.  Since he was 8 weeks old, he has spent a lot of time  (virtually  every weekend) travelling to dog agility shows. This has meant  that he has spent a lot of time socialising with  people and other dogs, and he has shown himself  to have a fantastic nature. Even with very young and smaller dogs, he has shown himself to be  a “gentle giant”.


When it comes to training, Star is a real pleasure. He shows a real urge to learn, is highly intelligent, focused, and desperate to please. He has good food and toy drives, and is always ready for an intense game of tug.

Star loves his leisure time too.  Whether he is out on our twice daily runs to the park or just playing around in our garden,  he’ll be having fun! He also  enjoys running with the other  dogs, chasing a ball or swimming in the Waikato River.