Paris’s arrival was a different story all together. After months of looking for a Tri to join out team , a close friend was looking to rehome 18 month old Paris So we leapt at the chance. At first Paris was going to be for our 13 year old Daughter who was enjoying agility. But after proving Paris needed a totaly different style of training, we took over and put in all our energy to traning Paris and didnt fall short of expectations. Even making it into Starters Dog finals the first time she attended the Nationals.

At some shows Paul struggles to run 4 dogs in 4 heights in up to 7 classes so We have a friend Tarah who helps us out. Paris has a great bond with her and wont hesitate to get out there with Tarah, she just loves it now!!

Paris is a happy go lucky girl. Quite chilled untill you mention School or Car then she is out the door ready to get in the ute before you can pick up the keys.

Paris also has a very gentle side. She just loves it when there are pups around, as you can see the photos. She is like a Nanny. Allthough she has never had a litter of her own. She just adores them and will even try to feed them if she gets the chance.