Millie is a very sweet girl. She is a Daughter of Abbie and a Granddaughter of Zoe.

As we didn’t quite have enough room here but very much wanted to keep Abbies lines around for the future. She lives with a friend of ours who always wanted a BC.

Millie instictivly picked up how to bring the cows in to Milking with her Mum

each day, With no real training. And attends the local obedience club each week just for a bit of fun.

Millie recently attended her first ever Agility competition and made us really proud . We cant wait to see her at her next show.  

Millie also lives with two young Boys who have become her best friends. And she plays with them  for hours.


Millie is very loving and affectionate just like her Mum. You could see that from a very young age as they didnt pick her for their puppy. She picked them as soon as she meet them she climed up on the lap of one of the boys,  snuggled up and went to sleep.  

Even to this day she gets so excited when she hears our voices its lovely when we get to see her again.

DAM : Kaeanda Brandys Dream Girl
   SIRE  : Kaeanda Man  in the Mask