Clear by parentage CL, tested TNS clear, CEA Carrier

LEXI is a very intelligent girl who loves to please. She is bursting at the seams with energy. Given the opportunity, she would also work stock. Lexi has a very soft side too, and adores being cuddled.  She is very fond of children and loves a game of anything that involves a ball,  just don’t expect your ball to stay inflated for long......

Lexi lived with Paul’s Mum for a while,but just had too much energy for Mum to cope with, so I decided to see what she was like at agility. Well! She took to it like a duck to water, and quickly learnt to move at the speed of a bullet!

Lexi just loves to live life at full speed, yet is also very obedient. This helps a lot when competing in agility and  flygility,but Paul has also had to speed up when running her in agility or else she would finish the course before he even made it half way!

Lexi has had a very strong friendship with Rocky since he was a pup and they have a fantastic time tearing around. They play together happily for hours.