Sadly we lost Abbie late last year. She has left a big hole in our life. We miss her dreadfully.

ABBIE was a big surprise out of the blue. One night I was surfing the Internet and came across an advertisement for chocolate border collie puppies. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I got straight on the phone to find out more,  and we soon purchased our beautiful puppy.

Abbie was the most faithful border collie I have ever met, to the point where she would start to cry if she could hear anyone else crying. She seemed to feel whatever you were feeling. Abbie was always happy to see you even if you had only been gone for two minutes. We quite often said that we thought she would open the door for a burglar, just to say hi!

Abbie loved the water, whether it was in a pool, a hose, or at the beach, but strangely she wasn’t so keen on the bath! She was always eager to please and could find a tennis ball anywhere, no matter how well it was hidden.

Abbie was the ideal family dog - just all round beautiful and contented.